Times are a changin’

When I returned to illustrating after retiring from a career in advertising and design, nobody knew me as an artist (only slightly less true today) and I knew the Internet would have to play a big part of marketing my art. Coming up with a search-responsive name would be important. After spending quite some time plugging in various search words and seeing how strongly they returned search results, I landed on three words that always came to the top of the list—”sports”, “car”, and “art” and various combinations of the same. Not anticipating much in the way of a positive result, I plugged “sportscarart” into my domain provider and as stunned to see it was available. And just like that, Sports Car Art was born.

The SCA name has served me well over the past decade but, as I’ve become better known in the car community, it became apparent that the focus was shifting more to me as the artist and less on SCA. The urge to change had become especially strong over the past few years and I began to play with rebranding ideas, to the point of sharing some of them with a few select folks who’s judgement I trusted. Nothing I developed, garnered much support so I made myself content with updating the SCA winged logo until, one afternoon, with nothing particular on my schedule, I dusted off the previous attempts and gave it another go. I was certain of two things, that I wanted me, as the artist, to be front and center and that i wanted to pay homage to the winged logo that had represented my art for so many years.

And that brings us to—David Townsend Automotive Fine Art. While quite a mouthful, it accurately describes who’s doing the drawing and what kind of art I create. So it’s good bye to Sports Car Art at the end of May as DCT takes over from there.