MGB 60th Anniversary Print

From 1962 until 1980 the MGB dominated British sports car sales in the U.S. Introduced to replace the MGA, the MGB was an immediate success offering such niceties as roll up windows front disc brakes, and functional weather equipment. Built on a semi-monocoque frame, The B was as sturdy as it was fun to drive and easy to maintain and remained wildly popular until British Leyland ceased producing the car in 1980.

Prints—MGB 60th Anniversary illustrations are available as fine art pigment prints in 22″ x 16″ size—limited edition framed or unframed printed on acid-free archival paper using naturally pigmented inks. Each print is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Only 60 are being pressed.

Options—None. Prints are available only as shown.

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