Lime Rock 41 Wrap-up

Looking to a higher power during set-up

Well, the Labor Day weekend has come and gone and that can only mean that the 41st edition of the Lime Rock Historic Festival is in the books. And what a weekend it was. In addition to simply fantastic vintage racing with some of the largest classses in recent memory, over 1,000 cars participated in Sunday’s concours events with the field stretching from Turn 7 the entire length of the finishing straight al the way to Turn 1. Spectacular!

As my last event for the 2023 season, Lime Rock was particularly sweet, giving me a chance to show my art in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere while still getting at least a limited opportunity to enjoy many of the great cars on hand. Even the food seemed a cut above the normal track food with a special tip of the hat to the Venezuelan guys cooking up some awesome barbecue. Yummy. Even the weather cooperated and we enjoyed 5 days of mostly clear skies with nary a drop of rain, a welcome change from the past couple of years of getting deluged at least one day during the weekend, although it could have been a mite cooler on Sunday and Monday.

Attendance was solid 3 out of the 4 show days with Sunday’s traffic being predictably low as all of the activities shifted from the midway down to the track. Still, I kept a busy pace and even had time for visits from a few car pals—Steven Bush, Don Breslauer, and John Bove were just a few of my visitors along with a number of previous buyers who came by to see what was new and to voice their appreciation for the art they bought the last few years. Simply put, it was a great weekend filled with friends, good fun, and great cars. Tough to go wrong with that combination.