AC Cobra MKI and MKII

I know there are those who don’t consider the AC Cobra a truly British sports car but, rather, a car of British heritage. Let’s not quibble over the details and agree that the Cobra was (and is still) a simply fabulous sports car. And, while I appreciate the raw power of the later 427-powered cars, I’m especially fond of the early cars. To my eye, the lines are cleaner and they seem less affected than the big block versions.

Each print shows the Cobra as it would have appeared from the factory for the year in which it was manufactured.  Prints are available in all factory exterior colors. The standard interior is black but you may also order tan or red or, a special color of your choosing. You may also choose from a variety of options and accessories with which you can personalize your print including roll bar, hood scoop, Goodyear billboard tires, side exit exhaust, white wall tires, Halibrand wheels, racing windscreen, several styles of side mirrors, and even cutback doors. Please visit the order page for a complete list of currently available options and colors.