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david townsend

DT-new-headshotand now…for something completely different.

You know, change is good. I’ve had the same old head shot of me at the Crowley 10K race registration for the past 4 years. I’ve rewritten this lead in copy only twice in that time. So, here it is, a more recent head shot as well as few new words about what I do. Print, web, display, advertising, packaging, and the occasional car project thrown in just to keep things interesting. The rest of the time I ride, run, lift, and visit my grand kids. Not necessarily in that order. Read on for my quals. read more

new stuff

mobile-grabGoing Mobile…

With the rate at which mobile devices or smart phones are beginning to dominate the Internet landscape, it only makes sense for most clients to take their sites to the small screen. Until recently, that’s been a very specialized and, sometimes expensive proposition. Not any more. With the advent of technology aimed at speeding the development of sites for the small screen, I can now build mobile version of existing istes for as little as $395. Read on for details and to find out how.

here, let me draw you a picture…

Everything old is new again, so the phrase goes. And so it seems, it’s true.

Vintage 69 Lockheed Sebring Decal

I started out in this field as an illustrator back when my tools were pens, markers, and papers—not a computer and software. Over the years, I’ve continued to practice my illustration skills, eventually adapting them to my new electronic environment. For the most part, it hasn’t been something I’ve made a point of pursuing as business although I still execute 3-4 random illustrations assignments each year—mostly technical illustrations or renderings. read more »