Mercedes-Benz W113

The “pagoda top” Mercedes-Benzes— 230 SL, 250 SL, and 280 SL—of the mid 60s and early 70s has long been one of my favorite cars, having lusted over one owned by a neighbor when I was just a teenager. It’s been a fascinating car to draw and I’ve gained insight into the engineering behind that classic skin. The W113 illustration is available in your choice of exterior and interior colors along with a wide range of options and accessories with which you can personalize your print.

Limited edition prints are available as:

  • Archival prints, framed or unframed, in sizes 22″ x 16″ or 30″ x 20″
  • On brushed aluminum composite side 47″ x 23″
  • As a backlit or unlit large-scale, dye-sublimation sized 14′ x 7′

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