BMW 507

Surely among the most beautiful cars ever built, the BMW 507 ranks was of the most expensive automotive failures of all time, nearly pushing BMW to the edge of bankruptcy during the model’s short, three-year production span. Conceived by importer Max Hoffman as a sports car to fill the gap between the more expensive Mercedes 300SL and the cheaper and underpowered British sports cars of the day, the 507 was engineered with features that included front and rear torsion bar suspension, Alfin drum brakes, a BMW aluminum alloy V-8 engine, and close-ratio 4-speed ZF gearbox.

Prints—BMW 507 illustrations are available as fine art pigment prints:

  • 22″ x 16″size—limited edition unframed, limited edition framed
  • 30″ x 20″ size—limited edition unframed
  • brushed aluminum prints sized 47″ x 23″ by special order only
  • dye-sublimated large-scale backlit or unlit prints sized 80″ x 38″ or 96″ x 47″ by special order only

Options—Prints may be ordered in any of the factory exterior and interior trim colors, with any of the factory available engine and gearbox packages as well as any available factory options. Custom options will be considered upon request.

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