Produced by the Rootes Group from 1959-1968, in five versions and two styles (the GT with a removable hardtop and the ST with a soft-top), the Alpine is the epitome of a stylish, nimble sports car. The Alpine I drove handled well and possessed adequate (but not overwhelming) power. With its predictable road manners and high fun-to-drive quotient, it’s a car I would readily consider as a daily drive.

While I enjoyed my experience driving the Alpine, the Tiger is much more in my wheelhouse. With its V-8 power stuffed into the Alpine chassis, the Tiger was a more than willing conspirator on the roads around the Mulholland area where I had the opportunity to drive it—with perhaps a bit more abandon than the owner would have preferred. Hey, if you’re going to give me the keys to your Tiger and not expect me to mash the throttle now and again well, that’s not very realistic, is it now?