Ford Shelby GT350R

Ford Shelby GT350RShadow and Light

To qualify for the SCCA production racing, Ford had to homologate the GT350 and reached out to Shelby to modify 100 specially built Wimbledon White units that were shipped to Shelby-American in Venice, California. The street version of the GT350 differed only slightly from the race model in that it used a normal Mustang steel front bumper and valance and no roll bar.

The Shadow and Light Ford Shelby GT350R print is available:

  1. framed or unframed as an archival fine art print sized 16″ x 32″
  2. printed on brushed aluminum using translucent ink, sized 23″ x 47″
  3. as a backlit or unlit large-scale, dye-sublimated fabric print sized 14′ x 7′

Each print is numbered, signed, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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