Cobra 289 FIA

There are two kinds of sports car enthusiasts: those that describe this vehicle as the Shelby Cobra, and those that identify it as the AC Cobra. From the time that I was a young boy I was always in the latter camp. Whenever the muscle car guys crow with pride, I politely remind them that whatever the name, the Cobra is as much a British car as the Jensen Interceptor and various Allards and Bristols that also use American power, albeit with a healthy assist of a certain memorable Texas chicken farmer.

Prints—Cobra 289 FIA (Ken Miles) illustrations are available as fine art pigment prints in:

  • 22″ x 16.5″ size—open edition unframed, limited edition unframed, limited edition framed
  • 30″ x 20″ size—open edition unframed or limited edition unframed
  • brushed aluminum prints sized 23″ x 47″ by special order only
  • dye-sublimated large-scale backlit or unlit prints sized 38″ x 80″ or 47″ x 96″ by special order only


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