More British

There are so many British cars that have come and gone over the decades, more than a few with somewhat limited life spans or where only one or two models were ever built. When there hasn’t been enough material to warrant their own section, I’ve collected these outliers here.

Some, like the Jensen-Healey, were one hit wonders whose production lasted only a few years. Others, like the Morgans, boast prolific model lines spanning decades but which I simply haven’t found time to draw.

Still, these are all cars with terrific stories behind them. How can one not love the story of Morgan, a company that today builds both thoroughly modern cars right alongside a Plus 4 that sports the same partial wood construction it did when first introduced some 70 years ago! Now that’s longevity. Or the Daimler SP250 and Jensen Interceptor with their V-8 hemi engines.